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1st Workshop,
Berlin - October 2001

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Berlin - April 2002

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Bologna - July 2002
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Cracow - November 2002

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Brussels - May 2003

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Warsaw - December 2003

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Berlin - June 2004

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Ezoneplus Data & Statistics

Empirical data on the European Union

The Scientific Community has a big interest in having access to empirical data of the European Union, in which a detailed overview of the division of the financial funds in the two major budget issues (Agriculture and Structural Funds) is given. However, hitherto the access to more detailed data is missing. We hope that our data will be a useful contribution towards closing this gap.

A first part of the data focuses on the Agricultural Policy and more concretely on its Breakdown by Member States of the EAGGF-Guarantee Expenditures since its beginning (1975) until now. A second and major part concentrates on the interregional transfers in the EU. Thereby, we have chosen to concentrate on the diffusion of more detailed data focusing not only on how much every member state obtains from the Structural Funds, but mainly how the division per region, per Objective, and per Fund (FEDER, FSE, FEOGA, IFOP) is done. By clicking on a certain country, you will obtain a general overview of the funds made available to it under the present budget (2000-2006):
Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom

Data is made available to us from the European Commission.
Note: All data is in PDF format (around 500KB size each).

If you need any further information, please do not hesitate in contacting us.

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April, 2005
New Book:

Policy Advice in the Process of Eurozone Enlargement: Markets and Policies.
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New Working paper
No. 25: Women's Employment, Children and Transition: An Empirical Analysis on Poland
download PDF-file

Newsletter No. 10 out now.
download pdf-file

Working paper
No. 24:
Partisan Preferences and Political Institutions: Explaining Fiscal Retrenchment in the European Union
download PDF-file

The EU's "Research Information Centre" has published a report on the Ezoneplus project.
Click here to read the article (europa.eu.int)

Ezoneplus Final Report 2004 is now published:
Eurozone Enlargement - Exploring Uncharted Waters
download pdf-file

Friday, June 28, 2002
Unpublished EU - Data on the CAP and on Structural Funds now downloadable in Data & Statistics

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