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1st Workshop,
Berlin - October 2001

Regional Workshop,
Berlin - April 2002

2nd Official Workshop,
Bologna - July 2002
Regional Workshop,
Cracow - November 2002

3rd Official Workshop,
Brussels - May 2003

4rd Official Workshop,
Warsaw - December 2003

Final Conference,
Berlin - June 2004

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Conferences of Ezoneplus at a Glance

3rd Official Workshop

Brussels, 9.-10. May 2003

Keynote Lecture: "Vít Bárta, Czech National Bank: Major challenges for accession countries on their way towards euro"
Downloadable from here (PDF)

Minutes of Workshop
Downloadable from here (PDF)

The Ezoneplus Consortium organises a high-level meeting of representatives of the European Commission and academia in Brussels coming May. The detailed Workshop program is available here (PDF).

The aim of Eurozone Enlargement: Exchange-rate Choices and Adjusting Markets is to present our research and outcomes of the first year of Ezoneplus (see Ezoneplus Summary Report, December 2002 - Introduction (PDF)). Divided into a keynote lecture and three topical panels, the workshop will cover capital & labour markets, trade & FDI, as well as exchange-rate policies.

Reflecting the reshaping effects on these markets, we will try to expand our view towards more policy-oriented questions. Most participants are related to European institutions, however, experts in international finance and government representatives are equally welcome. For more information contact: Andrej Stuchlík, Free University Berlin. a.stuchlik@ezoneplus.org

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April, 2005
New Book:

Policy Advice in the Process of Eurozone Enlargement: Markets and Policies.
[further information]

New Working paper
No. 25: Women's Employment, Children and Transition: An Empirical Analysis on Poland
download PDF-file

Newsletter No. 10 out now.
download pdf-file

Working paper
No. 24:
Partisan Preferences and Political Institutions: Explaining Fiscal Retrenchment in the European Union
download PDF-file

The EU's "Research Information Centre" has published a report on the Ezoneplus project.
Click here to read the article (europa.eu.int)

Ezoneplus Final Report 2004 is now published:
Eurozone Enlargement - Exploring Uncharted Waters
download pdf-file

Friday, June 28, 2002
Unpublished EU - Data on the CAP and on Structural Funds now downloadable in Data & Statistics

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