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Welcome to the Ezoneplus Research Project

Friday, July 19, 2024

The EzonePlus Project was generously supported by the European Commission. By the End of 2004 the financial funding of the project ran out. All partners want to thank for the support. Research on the issues of Ezoneplus will go on inside and outside this framework.

By summer 2001, the Jean-Monnet-Centre of Excellence at Freie Universität Berlin (Director: Prof. Dr. Michael Bolle) started a three-year research project on the "Eastward enlargement of the Eurozone" (Ezoneplus) that is generously supported by the Commission of the European Union.
The Berlin Centre leads a Consortium that includes research institutes and universities from Estonia, Finland, Italy, Poland, Portugal, and Slovenia.

The selection of countries involved reflects the political, economic and social challenge of the first round of eastward enlargement.
All participating countries - three central European countries (Estonia, Poland, Slovenia) and four countries of the euro-zone (Finland, Germany, Italy, Portugal) - represent the process of eastern enlargement on the whole.
Notwithstanding, it is these countries that face particular challenges with respect to market adjustments, policy responsibility and social stability.

In contrast to the upcoming enlargement of the European Union, accession to the European Monetary Union (EMU) will call for much higher adjustment efforts.
It can be expected that even the 'simple' inclusion of formerly communist Central and Eastern European Countries (CEEC) into the EU will cause deep changes within the European institutions as well as in the new member countries.
Since the participation of CEEC in EMU and, hence, the introduction of the Euro in these countries will lead to the renunciation of monetary sovereignty, creating additional risks. Different levels of development and continuing economic and political transformation processes in these countries will enforce them.

Thus, Ezoneplus addresses a set of academic questions that have not yet been sufficiently analysed.
The general objectives of the project are:

>> the analysis of implications and consequences of a possible expansion of the eurozone by states of Central and Eastern Europe (CEE), associated with the EU, and on the current eurosystem,

>> the creation of a communication network between academia, government institutions and the business sector as well as

>> the development and discussion of economic policy scenarios.

The economists and political scientists involved have developed an interdisciplinary framework allowing for a comprehensive analysis of the risks involved. Since the project deals with crucial economic, monetary and fiscal elements of the accession, decision makers in the corporate and political world may profit from this venture. This is particularly true for the analysis of structural market adjustments, social stability and political responsibility.

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April, 2005
New Book:

Policy Advice in the Process of Eurozone Enlargement: Markets and Policies.
[further information]

New Working paper
No. 25: Women's Employment, Children and Transition: An Empirical Analysis on Poland
download PDF-file

Newsletter No. 10 out now.
download pdf-file

Working paper
No. 24:
Partisan Preferences and Political Institutions: Explaining Fiscal Retrenchment in the European Union
download PDF-file

The EU's "Research Information Centre" has published a report on the Ezoneplus project.
Click here to read the article (europa.eu.int)

Ezoneplus Final Report 2004 is now published:
Eurozone Enlargement - Exploring Uncharted Waters
download pdf-file

Friday, June 28, 2002
Unpublished EU - Data on the CAP and on Structural Funds now downloadable in Data & Statistics

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